Welcome to Shrey's Homepage!

This page is dedicated to my adorable nephew, Shrey. He was born at 7:56 AM May 14th, 2001 (which makes him a Taurus) at Surrey Memorial Hospital. At birth, he weighed 6 pounds, 7 ounces. His parents, his aunt (ME!), and all four of his grandparents were there to see him in the hospital the day he was born.

According to his mom, Shrey likes to make funny faces (awwww... how cute!), and like his mom and aunt, he LOVES Pooh Bear! He is experimenting with his voice, and comes up with lots of new words and sounds to entertain us all! He also likes to call and talk to me on the phone, and sometimes he even takes trips up to UBC to visit me! Shrey's favourite TV shows include Sesame Street and JJ the Jet Plane. He enjoys eating 'grown-up' food, from chicken, to apples, to pizza! However, he is very scared of uncooked rice for some reason! He giggles when he is tickled, and he loves to put everything, especially his cute little hands, into his mouth! He plays peek-a-boo, loves to jump, and play on his swing. He is addicted to his soother, and seeks it out throughout the house til he finds it. Shrey loves to be mobile, and he is always on the go! He crawls at incredible speeds, and he gets into everything. He grabs onto anything he can get his hands on and climbs up to a standing position, where he walks along by holding on. One of his new hobbies is to open cupboard doors and slam them shut. And he finds this just as entertaining as playing with his friend Amanda who lives down the hall!
Shrey is now 10 months old, and has become a celebrity in our family. He is still quite a tall baby. All of his family members make up names for him, so now he has tons of nicknames. I like to call him Chhutku, his daddy calls him Nonu, and his mommy calls him Chhuni. Below is a picture of this little bundle of joy. CLICK HERE to see more pictures!!

Shrey is basically a happy baby. He doesn't cry and fuss very much, and he eats and sleeps and plays quite peacefully, although he's a chatterbox. Shrey also sleeps through most of the night now, and that makes his mommy and daddy very happy! Well, that's all for now, but this page will be updated again soon. Come back soon to read more about The Life of Shrey!